Lost Libraries Collection

This collection has been gathered from the private libraries of Latvian doctors. It contains books dating back to the 16th century, perhaps even earlier — the collection is still being researched. The core of this collection used to be part of Pauls Stradiņš’ (1896–1958) personal library, which he and his family directly donated to the Museum. In later years, the collection was supplanted by gifts from doctors — notably N. Pavlovsky, along with anatomists, medical historians and a member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, Vasily Ternovsky (1888–1976). A highlight of the collection is a 1564 edition of the Canon of Medicine by Avicenna, originally purchased by Dr. Pavlovsky in Tehran. The Museum’s book collection stores nearly 18,000 publications, many of which are extremely rare globally, and some happen to be the only specimens available in Latvia.