Patient History Collection

Photo albums, portraits, musical compositions, postcards, poems, even plays — patients may express their gratitude to doctors in many ways. The life stories in this collection of printed literature reflect not only the diseases they have endured, but also their views and their emotions.

The Museum collection includes letters which patients (one of whom was the poet Jānis Sudrabkalns (1894–1975)) sent to the Dikļi tuberculosis sanatorium’s chief physician Andrejs Laukmanis (1904–1974) who was revered as a miracle worker by the mid-20th century Latvian public. The photographs in this collection also also cast striking new light on other important personalities in Latvian history: the painter Leo Kokle (1924–1964) posing with doctor Kārlis Segliņš (1904–1982) at a session on tuberculosis treatment, or Rainis (1865–1929) with Riga City Children’s Hospital staff.