Ilya Mechnikov’s Memorial Collection

Medical models are principally used to demonstrate to medical students the characteristic manifestations of dermatological, venereal and tumorous disorders, along with other diseases such as leprosy. The museum allows anybody to examine these materials, some of them up to a century old.

This model collection is one of the most prominent in the entire Eastern European region. Some of these models were produced in small shops, others industrially, from 1922 till the 1970s, focusing particularly on accurate representations of leprosy and dermatological diseases.

Portrait painting of Ilya Mechnikov. He is sitting on a chair and resting his elbow on the back of it, half-turned and looking straight ahead.

12 petri dishes filled with hair that is brown in color. Top paper slips with typewritten dates.

Nobel laureate Ilya Mechnikov’s (1845–1916) hair. Placed in 26 containers, from 1903 till 1913.

Medicine packaging box in light, light brown color. Its edges are decorated with a pattern of plants. The name is written on top in Russian with decorative letters. Next to it is a small cylinder with patties.

Medicinal parcel “Кефирныя Лепешки Фридриха Лейцмань” (Friedrich Leizman’s Russian yoghurt patties). Moscow, 1910-1920. Produced by the company “A. Zhako”.

A brown, rectangular metal tin box with a tattered product information label on top.

Tin “Comprimes de Lactobacilline Le Ferment”, Paris, early 20th century.


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