Lost Libraries Collection

This collection has been gathered from the private libraries of Latvian doctors. It contains books dating back to the 16th century, perhaps even earlier — the collection is still being researched. The core of this collection used to be part of Pauls Stradiņš’ (1896–1958) personal library, which he and his family directly donated to the Museum.

In later years, the collection was supplanted by gifts from doctors — notably N. Pavlovsky, along with anatomists, medical historians and a member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, Vasily Ternovsky (1888–1976). A highlight of the collection is a 1564 edition of the Canon of Medicine by Avicenna, originally purchased by Dr. Pavlovsky in Tehran. The Museum’s book collection stores nearly 18,000 publications, many of which are extremely rare globally, and some happen to be the only specimens available in Latvia.

Andreae Vesalius. De Humani corporis fabrica… [On the Fabric of the Human Body…]. Basiliae, per Ioannem Oporinum, 1555.

Justus Christian Loder. Anatomische Tafeln zur Beförderung der Kenntniss des menschlichen Korpers, gesammelt und herausgegeben [Anatomical Illustrations Representing the Human Body]. Weimar, 1803.

Aphorismi Hipocratis… [Hippocrates’ Aphorisms…]. Lugd. Batavoru. Ex officina Elzeviriana, 1628.

Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland. System der practischen Heilkunde [System of Practical Medicine]. Jena and Leipzig, 1805.

Johann Wilhelm Weinmann. Phytanthoza iconographia… [Illustrations of plants...]. Ratisbonae, 1742.

Hieronymus Bock (Tragus). New Kreuterbuch von Underscheidt, Würckung und Namen der Kreuter, so in teutschen Landen wachsen [New Book of Plants on the Identification, Effects and Names of Plants Growing in the German Lands]. Strasburg, 1565.

Angevin Jean Bodin. De la démonomanie des sorciers [On the Daemon-mania of Witches]. 2nd edition. Paris: chez Jacques du Puys, 1582.

Album: Охрана материнства и младенчества в Союзе ССР [Protection of Motherhood and Infancy in the USSR]. Moscow, 1938.


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