Patient History Collection

Photo albums, portraits, musical compositions, postcards, poems, even plays — patients may express their gratitude to doctors in many ways. The life stories in this collection of printed literature reflect not only the diseases they have endured, but also their views and their emotions.

The Museum collection includes letters which patients (one of whom was the poet Jānis Sudrabkalns (1894–1975)) sent to the Dikļi tuberculosis sanatorium’s chief physician Andrejs Laukmanis (1904–1974) who was revered as a miracle worker by the mid-20th century Latvian public. The photographs in this collection also also cast striking new light on other important personalities in Latvian history: the painter Leo Kokle (1924–1964) posing with doctor Kārlis Segliņš (1904–1982) at a session on tuberculosis treatment, or Rainis (1865–1929) with Riga City Children’s Hospital staff.

Four handwritten letters in blue ink and two postcards, one with a drawing of people, the other with a painting of a natural scene.

Letters from folk poet Jānis Sudrabkalns (1894–1975) to the Dikļi tuberculosis sanatorium’s chief physician Andrejs Laukmanis (1904–1974).

Card with decorative, rough edges. Above it is a drawing with a bouquet of purple flowers.

Patient Emīlija Braunfelde’s hand-drawn birthday greeting card to Lielbērze tuberculosis hospital doctor Dr. Ērika Krauja. 1964.

The opening of the book showing the gratitude text written in black ink. Several signatures are also visible at the bottom.

Letter of gratitude from the Central Board of the Latvian Railways Association to Dr. Kārlis Barons on completion of his service as chief railway doctor. 17 September 1927.

The congratulatory text is written in a decorative, green font on the left side of the page. Many signatures are visible on the right and at the bottom of the left.

Card from the staff of Dailes Theatre to Jānis Jēgermanis on his 70th birthday. 20 March 1965.

Gratitude text is written in dark brown on yellowish paper. At the bottom you can see three columns with signatures.

Letter of gratitude from patients in Unit 3 of the Riga City Tuberculosis Hospital to Dr. K.Segliņš. 22 June 1945.

A yellow page with a poem written in black. At the bottom is the signature of Elīna Zālīte and address, year.

Black thank you text written with a typewriter. A large signature of E. Smilģis can be seen at the bottom.

Letter of gratitude from Eduards Smiļģis to Professor Pauls Stradiņš. 31 May 1956.


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