Birthday at the Museum

Skeleton Superpower

01.02.2024. - 01.01.2025.

During the ‘Birthday at the Museum. Skeleton Superpowers’ event, an exciting and fun tour of the museum’s collection and a programme of educational activities under the guidance of a museum educator, children will get introduced to the human skeleton and its functions, learn to understand the interaction of the human body with the environment and the Planet Earth, and medicine as care for the human health.

Why are we discussing the skeleton on someone’s birthday? Because, as the child grows, it is their skeleton that undergoes enormous changes: the bones increase in length and width, the bone tissue hardens. The human skeleton also possesses many other superpowers which we are going to discover during the event. The event is composed of three parts: an introduction set in the museum’s Learning Room; an interactive tour of the permanent exhibition; and the conclusion with creative activities and brought-in birthday treats.


Target audience: children between ages 7 and 10

Duration: 2.5 hrs
Type of payment: advance payment upon signing agreement
Price per event: 60 EUR + entrance fees to the permanent exhibition
Maximum number of participants per event: 15
Language: Latvian
Booking: by filling out the application form (in LV) and sending it to e-mail, 26644548

View activity description and rules here (in LV)

Available dates

Thursdays 15:00 – 17:30:
April 11.04.; 18.04.; 25.04.
May 9.05.; 16.05.
June 06.06.; 20.06.

On Sundays, exact activity start time by prior agreement 11:00 – 14:00:
April 7.04.; 21.04. BOOKED; 28.04. BOOKED
May19.05. BOOKED
June 16.06.; 9.06.

X-ray image of a human hand with colorful confetti draped over it.

Dizaina autors: Kirils Kirasirovs


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