Pauls Stradiņš Medicine History Museum
Mon. closed
Tue. 11.00—17.00
Wed. 11.00—17.00
Thu. 11.00—19.00
Fri. 11.00—17.00
Sat. 11.00—17.00
Sun. 11.00—16.00
Pharmacy Museum
Mon. closed
Tue. 10.00—18.00
Wed. 10.00—18.00
Thu. 10.00—18.00
Fri. 10.00—18.00
Sat. 10.00—18.00
Sun. 10.00—16.00
A. Bieziņš Memorial Museum
Mon. closed
Tue. closed
Wed. 12.00—18.00
Thu. 12.00—18.00
Fri. 12.00—18.00
Sat. 12.00—18.00
Sun. 12.00—16.00

Visitors are encouraged to assess their health and not visit the museum if the person has symptoms of a respiratory infectious disease, as well as if the person is required to comply with self-isolation, home quarantine or strict isolation conditions.

Group visits and individual visits with guide, visitors need to book in advance by calling to the phone number +371 26644548 or writing an e-mail to

At present for viewing are available expositions dedicated to medieval, renaissance and modern medicine, as well as the expositions of space biology and medicine and medicine in Latvia in 20th century.


There are two parking spaces for people with disabilities at the museum entrance on Ukrainas neatkarības iela 1. There’s a ramp at the entrance. In order to ride up and enter the museum, press a specially marked ring button that will summon an assistant working at the museum. An elevator operated by the museum employee takes you up to the first floor.

People with disabilities can access the first floor, which houses the ticket office, information center, exhibition spaces as well as the permanent exhibitions dedicated to medieval and Renaissance medicine.

A lifting device operated by the museum employee takes you to the basement floor with lockers and toilets. The toilets aren’t fitted for people in a wheelchair.

Entrance to the museum is free for people with disabilities. See you at the museum!

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