Applying for access to the museum’s collection storage site


Pauls Stradiņš Medicine History Museum accepts requests for accessing its collection for research purposes. Please read the application procedure here

Please be advised that access requests are granted in order of application, and you may have to wait for your visit to the museum’s collection storage. 

To access the museum’s collection, please read the Regulations for visiting the collection’s storage site and fill the application formand submit it by e-mail to

You can also search for information on objects held in the museum’s collection in the The Joint Catalogue of the National Holdings of Museums (JCNHM)! Please note that JCNHM currently does not include information on all the objects in the museum’s collection. 

Nota Bene! The museum answers questions regarding objects held in its collection but does not carry out research on your behalf on any subject of your interest. 


Applying for a visit and cancellation 

Pauls Stradiņš Medicine History Museum deals with access requests in according to the application procedure. To facilitate the processing of requests, please describe your interests and purposes as accurately and completely as possible as you fill in the application form for your visit.  

Once the request is received, Head of Collection's Public Access Program will contact you to arrange time and date of the visit.  

Please advise the museum as soon as possible if you are forced to cancel your visit to the museum’s collection storage. 


Visiting the collection 

On your visit to the storage, you will be asked for an identity document (passport or an ID card). 

When visiting the storage, you must follow the Regulations for visiting the collection’s storage site. 


Reproducing (photographing) during a visit to the collection 

During your visit to the collection’s storage, you may be granted permission to take pictures of selected objects for personal non-commercial research purposes. Please be advised that taking pictures of objects you have not been authorized to photograph is prohibited. 

If you have received permission to photograph items in the collection for private use, you will need to fill out a confirmation form for reproducing (photographing) objects for private use. 


In case of questions regarding the application procedure, please contact Antra Skripste, Head of Collection's Public Access Program ( 

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