Get to know the human foot

Practical activity session for adults

17.02.2023. - 10.03.2023.

A foot reflexology map showing body parts and organ systems. Black illustration on a neon yellow background.

Life and death in Old Riga

Cultural educational session


Old map of Riga circa 1650-1656

Get inspired for a healthy lifestyle

Fence mural

01.09.2021. - 31.12.2022.

Collecting the Evidence on Covid-19: Exchange of Experience



A photograph of two hospital beds with the text C-19 above them

Reorganization of the A. Bieziņš Memorial Museum

Museum development strategy


In late 2024 to open the Children’s Museum

Centre for youth health literacy


A doctor's office, where two nurses and four boys, all wearing glasses, are sitting on a mattress. A yellow light shines from a lamp above them.

Participatory workshops

Practical classes and discussion

10.09.2022. - 15.09.2022.

Cut out of the Participatory Workshop poster with four clasped hands

Open access emergency preparedness posters

Participatory workshops


Illustration of a woman holding a red bag. Next to the woman are many different emergency and first aid items.

Donate blood in the museum

Visit of The State Blood Donor centre


Dementia data workshops

Exhibition “Dairy Diaries”

08.04.2022. - 03.06.2022.

Activities for children from Ukraine

Pop-up library

16.04.2022. - 28.05.2022.

Men, let's start talking

Apply for the talk cycle

11.05.2022. - 24.05.2022.

Board game IMUNO

Discover the human immunity

05.11.2021. - 21.04.2022.

Revealing the alchemist's secrets

A remote museum event for adults

10.04.2021. - 31.03.2022.

Participation workshops

Joint support for Ukraine

04.03.2022. - 20.03.2022.

What poetry in the year 22022 can tell about people's lives today

Readings by young poets

21.02.2022. - 25.02.2022.

MHM Conversations. Health is a Multiple

Anna Žabicka, social anthropologist

13.05.2021. - 31.10.2021.

How do you tell things that cannot be told? Loneliness and art

MHM Conversations


Invisible sexuality: The zigzags of disability and sexuality in Latvia

MHM Conversations


Healthy food chains: Does healthy for me mean healthy for others?

MHM Conversations


Workshop for young people. Food and emotional health

MHM nutrition workshop for families


MHM nutrition workshops for families

12.08.2021. - 02.09.2021.

What will we eat in the future? Sustainability, crickets and earthworms.

MHM nutrition workshop for families


To punish or not to punish? Harm reduction approach to work with drug users

MHM Conversations


Healthy snacks workshop. A guide to the school children’s menu.

MHM nutrition workshop for families


Healthy city: Creating environment where moving is easy and cool

MHM Conversations


How do the seasons taste? Local and seasonal food

MHM nutrition workshop for families


Is it easy to be healthy? Health behaviour and (in)equality in Latvia

MHM Conversations


Programmes implemented as part of the ESF project

01.01.2020. - 31.12.2020.

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