Educational programmes

An exciting way to gain valuable knowledge and skills at the Museum. Our programmes are focused on the history of medicine and pharmaceutical science, as well as basic health literacy.

Masks in medicine

What secrets are kept by doctors’ and healers’ masks? Did they protect the patient, the doctor himself, or did they perform other unimaginable functions? How did doctors protect themselves by wearing masks at a time when microbes had not yet been discovered? Together with the children, we will seek answers to these and other questions in the online lesson “Masks in Medicine”, highlighting the role of science in the history of medicine and answering the question why the mask has become an integral part of our daily lives. Topics such as society, history, medicine, peculiarities of different cultures are discussed with the students. At the end of the lesson, a practical task is carried out – self-made masks will be created together.

The remote learning activity will be provided on the Zoom platform, so it is necessary to make sure that children have access to a camera and a microphone for quality participation in the interactive part of the activities. The offer is included in the cultural education programme Latvian School Bag.

This programme is best suited for: school-goers in grades 1 to 6 Download materials for this course

Lesson duration: 1h
Necessary materials for the practical task: gauze 100 x 50 cm, cotton wool and scissors
Payment method: prepayment
Lesson fee: 25 EUR
Maximum number of participants per session: 20 people
Language of activity: Latvian, Russian
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Crazy professor’s first steps in chemistry

The revelatory exhibits coupled with exciting experiments will boost any adolescent interest in chemistry. This interdisciplinary journey through the history of medicine, chemistry and traditional healing practices will ignite kids’ imaginations and allow them to take a creative look at the subject.

This programme is best suited for: school-goers in grades 7 to 12

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Revealing the alchemist's secrets

How long has it been since you visited a museum with friends, family or colleagues and saw something unique up close to investigate it more closely and joke about it together? The Museum of Pharmacy offers larger and smaller groups a trip to the past in an informal atmosphere, during which it will be possible to learn the nuances of the history of pharmacy, from experimental collecting of plants to a modern pharmacist’s assistant’s room. During the remote event, guests will be able to assess how strong was alchemists’ sense of humor and whether they were really doing magic, as well as to discover a number of secrets, such as what is an alchemist’s biggest professional failure. The event will take place on the Zoom platform and guests will be kept engaged by conversations on the site, which we recommend to open on the phone before the lesson. The site does not require registration. You will just need a good mood, internet connection, a charged phone and a computer for an exciting and exploratory get-together.

This programme is best suited for: adults

Lesson duration: 1h
Payment method: prepayment
Lesson fee: 30 EUR
Maximum number of participants per session: 25 people
Language of activity: Latvian, English
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