Dementia data workshops

Exhibition “Dairy Diaries”

08.04.2022. - 03.06.2022.

What story can milk tell us? Can statistics be explained with sliced cheese? Peppers, olives, nuts, cucumbers - in a joint workshop, anything from food will help to better understand the data on dementia.

The exhibition "Dairy Diaries" focuses on dementia and the experience of people with dementia and their relatives. Four "Dementia Data Workshops" will take place within the exhibition. Visitors will be invited to create data recipes to promote their cognitive health that can be viewed and tasted. The starting materials will be food products that are available to us daily and that will gain a new meaning during the workshop.

The workshops will be led by art mediators and artist Anna Priedola, it will provide an opportunity to try out how to reproduce dementia data with food to make the statistics easier to digest and experience with different senses.

All necessary materials will be provided.

A visit to the workshop is included in the price of the museum ticket.

Pre-registration for workshops is not required.

Data workshop times:
April 8 at 17:00
CANCELED April 16 at 12.00
May 21 at 12.00
May 28 at 12.00
June 2 at 12.00

More about the exhibition "Dairy Diaries" here.


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