Donate blood in the museum

Visit of The State Blood Donor centre


June 17 from 11.00 to 14.00 Pauls Stradiņš Medicine History Museum will host an offsite blood donation point from the State Blood Donor Center (VADC). Everyone is invited to come to the museum on a Friday morning to participate in a blood donation to improve their health and save the lives of others.

During the week of the World Blood Donor Day, which aims to encourage people to join the donor movement, the Medicine History Museum hosts the VADC. It is interesting, that it was the founder of the museum, prof. Pauls Stradiņš, under whose leadership the Republican Blood Transfusion Station was established in 1941, this fact started the blood donation movement in Latvia.

Benefits of donating blood:

  • Improved health, because the body stimulates the hematopoietic system by restoring blood composition;
  • Moral satisfaction because with your donation you help someone in a difficult time;
  • Results of blood tests, notifying the donor registrar prior to blood donation;
  • One paid holiday and delicious snacks;
  • Museum friend card for free visit for two people.

One donation can save up to three lives. This is a good opportunity to donate blood and replenish VADC's blood supply in the very center of the city before the holidays, when accidents and exacerbations often occur.

More about the documents to be taken with and the blood donation procedure on the VADC website.

“Become a donor!” poster. 1989. V. Stanislavsky. Central Committee of the LSSR Red Cross Society. PSMVM collection.


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