Get inspired for a healthy lifestyle

Fence mural

01.09.2021. - 31.12.2022.

The stone fence surrounding the territory of Pauls Stradiņš Museum of the History of Medicine, thanks to artists Grieta Butjankova and Aleksejs Beļeckis, obtained a new look – through historical health promotion tools and techniques the idea of active and healthy citizens has come to life.

The museum's fence mural is artists’ story about maintaining a healthy spirit in everyday life. It is a story about an active lifestyle in the city, emphasizing health as a complex socio-cultural quantity in which not only doctors or politicians play an important role, but also personal co-responsibility and public dialogue.

The museum is located on the route of many active citizens - whether the destination would be a walk or exercises in the park, or a run through the streets of Riga. For the fence mural, the authors chose to be inspired by the surrounding and museum’s collection. The visual images and motifs on the fence are direct references to photographs, books, objects and other evidence of the museum's collection that tell the importance of physical well-being.

Get to know the inspiration images of the mural, their history and health promotion techniques here.

Grieta Butjankova is a graphic artist, painter, tattoo artist and muralist. She has a master's degree from the Graphics Department of the Latvian Academy of Arts.

Aleksejs Beļeckis – painter, graphic artist and art curator. He was educated at the Art Department of the Latvian Christian Academy and supplemented his knowledge at the Latvian Academy of Arts.

The project was developed within the framework of the Riga summer culture program, with the financial support of the Riga City Council Education, Culture and Sports Department and in cooperation with the Museum of Medicine support fund association.

Photographer: Aleksejs Beļeckis


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