Get to know the human foot

Practical activity session for adults

17.02.2023. - 10.03.2023.

Comfortable sneakers plus well-massaged feet: an excellent start to a weekend! Attend this practical activity session with a friend and spend a relaxing and informative Friday evening together under the guidance of masseur Mārtiņš Lauva. We will be focusing on feet.

Feet are often neglected, although they are the actual basis of the whole human body. The balance of the feet muscles is reflected throughout the rest of the body – in our knees, the pelvis and the spinal curves. For this reason, it is crucial to treat any discomfort in your feet early on: in the long term, it can cause pain in other parts of your body. This practical activity-based session will help you explore the connections between the anatomy of feet and the rest of the body and try your hand at foot massage following the guidelines of reflexology. The session will open with a warmup for feet, involving a small ball and various exercises, then we will learn to warm up our feet according to the principles of reflexology and locate specific key points on the foot through applying soothing pressure. The evening will conclude with an exchange of impressions and cups of warming tea. Please bring a pair of warm socks to the session.

The practical activity sessions will take place on Fridays at 18:00–20:00. They are designed to be attended for two adults as a pair. Tickets must be purchased for each attendee individually in advance on the Mobilly app, selecting one of the dates: 17 or 24 February, 3 or 10 March. Number of places is limited.


About foot reflexology

Foot reflexology is a holistic method of alternative medicine that is combined with conventional medicine. Although foot reflexology cannot be a substitute for conventional medicine, it is an excellent tool for fighting anxiety, pain and insomnia. Studies show that it is more effective at reducing fatigue and improving the quality of sleep than traditional massage. A foot reflexology chart has been developed, projecting the corresponding body parts and organ systems on specific areas of the foot. The treatment is based on applying pressure on specific spots of the foot.


About the instructor

Mārtiņš Lauva is a certified masseur with six years of experience working at his private practice, the Premium Medical clinic and Children's Clinical University Hospital. Asked about his practice, Mārtiņš says: "I use massage to try to help eliminate pain. I additionally apply foot reflexology to treat more specific problem areas. Many have experienced the positive effect of a regular massage but sleep is even sounder after a session of foot reflexology. I hope that the session will be a positively emotional evening, there will be new knowledge acquired and the participants will feel like they were walking a few inches above the ground on their way home."

A foot reflexology map showing body parts and organ systems. Black illustration on a neon yellow background.


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