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11.05.2022. - 24.05.2022.

The Association "Tēvi" in cooperation with the Pauls Stradins Medicine History Museum organizes a six-talk cycle for men in order to stimulate conversations that can change the usual notions of masculinity and promote gender equality.

How can boys and men be involved in building an equal society through initiatives that promote positive masculinity? The answer is in the conversation. In a conversation with each other, in which we listen and hear our ideas, societal stereotypes and our concerns. Conversation is the first step in building an equal society. Only by talking can we change the meaning of being a man today. 

The six-week closed evenings will cover topics that often go unspoken, sharing experiences from everything from love and sexuality to self-esteem and vulnerability.

The talks will take place every Tuesday from 18.15 to 20.00 at the Pauls Stradiņš Medicine History Museum, Ukrainas neatkarības Street 1. The talks will be moderated by Lauris Bokišs, a member of the board of the association "Tēvi" and class leader.

The number of participants is limited.

Apply for conversations here.

The conversation cycle is a part of the #globalguytalk initiative, which aims to show men the opportunity to negotiate how different norms and expectations shape their perceptions of themselves and how men can contribute to a more equal society. The #globalguytalk initiative in Latvia is implemented by the Association "Tēvi" in cooperation with MHM and with the support of the Swedish Embassy, the Swedish Institute and the non-profit Foundation Make Equal.

The project is funded by the Swedish Institute.

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