Participation workshops

Joint support for Ukraine

04.03.2022. - 20.03.2022.

In order to express its support to the people of Ukraine and satnd aigaints Russian invasion in Ukraine, the Pauls Stradins Museum of Medical History, together with the Latvian Center for Contemporary Art (LLMC), is organizing a cycle of activism and protest workshops entitled “Participation Workshop”.

"Participation workshops" will take place every day from 16.00 to 19.00 in the premises of the Museum of Medical History. During them, under the guidance of professional artists, you will have the opportunity to create your own poster, learning different art techniques, as well as share different experiences and methods of participation and activism.

In work days workshops happen form 16.00 till 19.00, but on weekend form 12.00 till 15.00.

Workshops from March 7th till 13th: 
07.03 from 16.00 till 19.00 – Lolita Tomsone un Latvijas Muzeju biedrība
08.03 from 16.00 till 19.00 – Rasa Jansone
09.03 from 16.00 till 19.00 – Krista Burāne un Ieva Kauliņa
10.03 from 16.00 till 19.00 – Gundega Evelone
11.03 from 16.00 till 19.00 – Maija Kurševa
12.03 from 12.00 till 15.00 – Sabīne Vekmane
13.03 from 12.00 till 15.00 – Krista un Reinis Dzudzilo

Workshops from March 14th till 20th: 
14.03 from 16.00 till 19.00 – Liene Pavlovska
15.03 from 16.00 till 19.00 – Envija
16.03 from 16.00 till 19.00 – Kaspars Groševs 
17.03 from 16.00 till 19.00 – Anda Lāce 
18.03 from 16.00 till 19.00 – Anna Priedola 
19.03 from 12.00 till 15.00 – Ivars Drulle 
20.03 from 12.00 till 15.00 - Vika Eksta  

For up-to-date information about the artists, please follow the "Participation Workshop" Facebook event.

We invite all interested parties to join the workshops and jointly create posters and other attributes in support of Ukraine!

Artists and organizations can also contribute by organizing their own workshops, while companies support the workshops by donating surplus materials: paints, fabrics, cardboard, paper, etc.

Interested artists and organizations are asked to apply by writing to

Let's support Ukraine and each other!

Start image: Zoom background created by designer Linda Jākobsone Viškere as part of the campaign “Against Putin With Design”.

Image in the article: Ieva Kauliņa "Participation workshop".


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