Reorganization of the A. Bieziņš Memorial Museum

Museum development strategy


After evaluating the development strategy initiated by the Paula Stradiņš Medicine History Museum and the possibilities of available resources, it has been decided to reorganize the branch of the Madona region "Professor Aleksandrs Bieziņš Memorial Museum ". It was founded in 1987 with the aim of preserving the memory of the Latvian children's surgeon and the innovator of the children's health promotion system. In the future, the themes of the exposition discussed will be included in the public and exhibition programs of the central headquarters of the museum (Ukrainas Neatkarības street 1, Riga).

For reorganization of Professor Aleksandrs Bieziņš Memorial Museum the opinion of the Museum Council of Latvia has been received.

The museum expresses its gratitude to prof. A. Bieziņš family and with special respect, we mention doctor Ārija Volrāte, with whose initiative the museum cultivated the practices of history of science, preservation of cultural heritage and regional studies based on an interdisciplinary approach.

Aleksandrs Bieziņš Memorial Museum

Aleksandrs Bieziņš Memorial Museum


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