What poetry in the year 22022 can tell about people's lives today

Readings by young poets

21.02.2022. - 25.02.2022.

On February 22, at 19:00 online on Youtube and Facebook channels will happen readings of the graduates of the Latvian Writers' Union Literary Academy's “Poetry Workshop 2021”, created in cooperation with the Pauls Stradiņš Medicine History Museum.

The story of the readings takes place in 22022, when people have disappeared and the world is inhabited by machines. The most curious of the machines' has gone to Pauls Stradiņš Medicine History Museum to understand what this strange creature - a human - was like. Nine diaries from the 20,000-year-old past have become available for the machine. They seem to have been written by poets. Will these remarks be enough to gain insight into humanity? Will putting together the exhibits from Medicine History Museum, stories and poems make the image of a human clear enough?

Pauls Stradiņš Medicine History Museum has not only been the place where the video was filmed, but it has also been a source of inspiration for writing poems about people in the broadest sense of the word. Poetry is closely intertwined with the treasures of the museum, sometimes arising from them and flowing into the very bedrock of existence, they will dominate the diary entry of each young poet.

Online event can be accessed on the Facebook accounts of Medicine History Museum and the Latvian Writers' Union, as well as on the Youtube channel of the Latvian Writers' Union.


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